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"Nicole Petroski’s second book of poetry
takes us on a tour through the heart and
mind of a writer who has truly found herself,
both as a poet and as a fellow traveler in a
world that charms and challenges, fascinates
and infuriates, but always inspires a sense
of awe and wonder. The volume contains something
for all of us, no matter what our mood, no matter
what our style. Poems like ‘Today is My New Birthday’
should be required reading as soon as our feet hit
the floor in the morning to remind us of what we’re
really here for: to experience -- plain and simple;
to feel with all our senses fully engaged as we hold
a cold glass on a warm afternoon or brush our teeth.
That’s the only way we can honestly say ‘I am here’
as the poet does on every page of this incredible
collection. Petroski speaks from a place that we all
know is there inside us; she just gives it a voice.
If you felt you knew the poet after reading her last
volume, you won’t be surprised after reading this one
to see how well she knows you.”

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This book is no longer available for purchase.

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