Finding the groove
by Nicole Petroski

What makes you tick at the start of the day?
What makes you groove as you go on your way?
What turns you on and fills you with light?
What makes your thoughts and ideas take flight?

I like to imagine the things that might be,
To think that the world can be peaceful and free.
I hope to have friendships to carry me through,
I hope to be loved, especially by you.

What makes you happy-go-lucky and free?
What do you think when you’re looking at me?
What makes you laugh till you’re ready to cry?
What makes you feel like you’re able to fly?

I want to dance till I fall to the ground,
I want to be sought and I want to be found.
I want to believe that dreams can come true,
I want to be loved, especially by you.

What sparks your passion from deep down inside?
What are the secrets you’d like to confide?
What makes your world a colorful place?
What brings a smile of joy to your face?

I love to sing till the notes fade away,
To whisper till night disappears into day.
I love to laugh and have quiet times too,
I love to be loved, especially by you.