Tea Time with Rapunzel, or, Life in the Ivory Tower
by Nicole Petroski

The other day I had tea with Rapunzel.

As soon as we were settled in
I asked, "How's life in the tower been?"
"Ah," she replied with a wink and a smile,
"My hair's grown more than half a mile."

"So is your prince still visiting then?
Will he help you escape? Did he say when?"

"The prince!" cried Rapunzel. "He left long ago
For someone whose skin was as white as the snow.
He said, 'Too much work to climb up your hair.'
And besides, he thought the color too fair.

'That's scoffable bafflegab!' to him I exclaimed.
'You want a girl whose hair can be tamed!
So go find Snow White! Sleeping Beauty, too -
Those nice quiet girls are the ones for you.'

Now I don't need his help. My plan I'll remake -
I'll call Eve and Pandora, and maybe the snake.
We'll braid and we'll weave, we'll work day and night,
And soon I'll be free and all will be right!"